We remove our shoes, empty our pockets, and subject ourselves to infringements on our personal space while being herded like cattle through rope lines. Frustrations mount as we are examined in multiple ways by TSA Agents that feel just as uncomfortable as the people they're examining.

Once through security checkpoints, we're left in a shiny floored purgatory that is lined with stores and restaurants waiting to take our money. We scurry for outlets to charge our precious electronics so we can keep our isolation bubble going on the airplane. We choose seats in the waiting areas that are not next to a person and when that isn't an option, we try to put a minimum of one seat between us; we go to great lengths to have space around us.

Airports, once an example of luxary and refinement has withered, over the years, to become a place that no longer excites and causes wonder; instead it's become a place of stress and simmering anger.