Much of current recorded history is stored online versus printed formats. Billions of images and photographs are generated and uploaded to the internet through a variety of methods and are then doled out by nondescript algorithms, only to be replaced by newer content in a short timeframe. 

Queer history has largely been ignored by mainstream culture, and events of a shared past live on in stories told by those who came before. On occasion documents were left behind, such as zines, and they help share this history. Documenting, editing, and printing photographs and words in a zine format, I move otherwise ephemeral events generated by the queer community to a more tangible space fostering a sense of permanence that appropriately embodies its importance. 

The performances are acts of resistance and defiance  as well as expressions of solidarity and identity; this series of zines serves as a permanent record of the various spoken word, Drag, and song performances that are taking place within the Queer Community.